High-quality child care in South West Rocks 

Our mission statement
Kindy Rocks Early Learning Preschool will strive to build strong relationships with families, parents, carers and the wider community. We are respectful and accepting of all cultures, religions, values and beliefs, and help create the view of ‘being’ and ‘belonging’ in everyday practices. We acknowledge the rights of children, families, parents and educators in their growing, development, learning experience perspectives. We will allow the children to ‘become’ the people they desire to be.
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Our philosophy
Here at Kindy Rocks Early Learning Preschool in South West Rocks, we believe there are seven essential areas to be addressed in an early child care environment. These crucial areas include:
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1. Quality – We believe that the first five years of children’s lives are the most influential regarding brain growth and development. Quality early child care and education received in these crucial years will impact a child’s future and lifelong success. Our commitment to realising quality is evidenced through research, informed practice, and critical reflection.

2. Relationships – Children develop a sense of belonging, being and becoming through the interaction they encounter from their families, carers, educators, and the wider community. These relationships become embedded through positive, honest communication, where collaboration and empathy are combined to build successful reciprocal partnerships.

3. Reflection – Early childhood educators are encouraged to adapt and adopt existing practices and acquire new skills and understandings through reflection. We need to analyse different aspects of experiences that we offer and what should be repeated, extended or changed.
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4. Acceptance – As professional child care educators, we accept families from a diverse range of backgrounds to foster a sense of unity, and endeavour to further our knowledge in supporting inclusiveness.
5. Sustainability – By implementing sustainable practices, we can ensure the continued viability of our resources, both natural and man-made which is explored both indoors and outdoors. With a wealth of experience in providing exceptional child care, we always aim to model these practices positively to those around us.

6. Community – We will foster a sense of community within our child care centre, as well as being part of the local and wider South West Rocks community. We aspire to instil in children that we are all one.

7. Rights – Children have the right to feel safe and have their basic needs met, as well as play and make mistakes with support for their individual thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. Our program will reflect the rights of children which is central to our teaching, as it prepares them for their future.
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At Kindy Rocks Early Learning Preschool, we seek to engage and partner families to provide the best possible experience and educational outcome via a variety of deliverables. 
Our popular child care centre in South West Rocks supports and encourages the use of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), which is the government initiative that we recognise to provide the outcomes required to enhance and enrich your child’s learning. Government websites such as www.mychild.gov.au provide a wealth of information in this area of professional child care.
Reflective diary
The purpose of a reflective diary is for carers to program on a daily basis using diary-like entries. Diaries will be available for our carers in South West Rocks to reflect further on how the child’s interest, curiosity, and learning is moving along.
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Documenting the learning
Children’s learning journeys will be documented for display in their room and within individual records in our system for you to review and provide feedback. Our trusted child care educators are encouraged to record events and photograph the children throughout the day for the best possible visual story of what the child has done for the week.

The displays we produce are creative stories of what the children are saying and learning about a particular subject, such as the human body, the environment, or the world, for example. We believe our displays will make the sharing experience with your child a memorable and exclusive one, giving you the chance to learn about their week and what they have enjoyed doing while in our care.
Time is set aside for our team to take advantage of the impulsive interests and learning of the children as it happens to allow them to plan projects and gather resources that may be required. Children are given the necessary time to explore and expand on their interests to maximise their chances of building on their knowledge and learning while enjoying it as much as possible.
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School preparatory program
Kindy Rocks Early Learning Preschool is developing a separate in-house learning area. The simulated classroom environment facilitates a preparatory learning space with an objective to prepare children for the next step to big school. 

Consultant teachers with appropriate child care degrees and ongoing education development will prepare this soon-to-be-available school-based curriculum.
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2016 curriculum planning
As our educational leader, Miss Trish, is currently undertaking our curriculum planning and setting the classroom components for next year across all our classrooms and age groups in South West Rocks. To support this process, Trish has asked that parents take the opportunity to update our record and to list some of their expectations and wishes for their children for the coming year. The form is available from each of our room leaders or the office.
The curriculum is being planned across four quarters. The first quarter will involve detailed learning outcomes with the following quarter’s outcomes being bullet pointed so that we can reflect and continue to build on each child’s interest. 
Our 2016 child care curriculum plans are available for review any time throughout the year as they are updated each quarter. Please feel free to discuss any queries with your child’s educator or Trish at your convenience.
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